Be the City.
Live the World.

The Dominion Rocket is about freedom; a simple and affordable lifestyle that connects you to your community. The heritage restoration of the historic Dominion Hotel offers an urban living experience that provides all you need and everything you want.

Designed for ease of experience, your rent payment provides for all your housing needs - furniture, wifi, heat and hydro. In addition to efficiency kitchens in every unit, the Dominion Rocket provides a communal kitchen, dining room, lounge, laundry facilities and bike parking.

Be a part of history. Be a part of the Dominion Rocket.


The Dominion Commons is an outdoor market on the corner of Yates & Blanshard providing space for artisans’ and vendor stalls. A year round festival atmosphere will support a broad retail tenant mix. Showcasing local products and merchants, we are looking to attract organic fruit and vegetables stalls, specialty foods, local crafters and artists looking to be immersed in the activity of downtown Victoria. We provide lighting, power, public seating, and security. Retailers bring their own temporary structures which can remain on site or be removed when needed elsewhere. Spaces available on a monthly basis.

For information on leasing space, contact The Dominion Rocket

Intent on maintaining the traditional Dominion Hotel lobby feel,The Dominion Provisions offers a number of amenities for our tenants and the public. Coffee, tea, and light meals are available along with a comfortable space ideal for meeting friends, relaxing, or just being part of our community. This communal space, accessible to the public, provides retail space for artisans and local crafters.

For information on leasing space, contact The Dominion Rocket