Fermentation Workshop: Kombucha!

alexandraFor those of us who have ever wanted to make our own fermented foods and drinks, you know it can be a little daunting. Knowing which wiki-how article to follow, where to buy supplies, and just exactly what kimchi is in the first place is enough to make your head spin. Not with Alexandra Pony as your teacher though.

Alexandra is refreshingly down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable about all things fermented (and nutritious in general). Her goal is to use food as medicine, and to teach others just how easy this really is. She has chosen to focus primarily on fermented foods and beverages thanks to their incredible nutritional value.

On Sunday, April 17th we learned to make kombucha in the Rocket’s communal kitchen. While sampling Alexandra’s own recipe for ginger, grape, and original kombucha, she demonstrated step by step how to make our own kombucha. Which is surprisingly simple! Those in attendance received a starter scoby, also known as “the Mother” to start our own kombucha. See Alexandra Pony’s website for her upcoming workshops!