Breakfast Spots of Champions

Victoria is famous for our plethora of top notch restaurants; and for us at The Rocket, most of them are within a few minutes walk from our front doors! While we would be hard pressed to make an argument for our favourite mealbreakfast certainly seems to be a top contender for Victorians.

Here are a few of our favourite places to tuck into a towering plate of pancakes.

Jam Cafe
542 Herald Street
8am – 3pm (no reservations)
here’s the menu!

Jam Cafe is well worth the wait, which if it’s a weekend or a holiday you can bet your waffles there will be. Speaking of waffles, their Chicken N’ Waffles are a fan favourite! (So are their Red Velvet Pancakes!) The eclectic decor, gourmet Caesars, and amazing servers are all just part of what makes Jam one of Victoria’s favourite breakfast spots for locals and tourists alike!

554 Pandora Ave
8am – 3/4pm
here’s the website!

You will find Mo:Lé tucked into Pandora street right beside an independent book store and Habit Coffee, which makes waiting for your table so much more pleasant. The kind folks at Mo:Lé will even let you bring your Habit coffee into breakfast with you. Because having to wait for both coffee and breakfast at the same time is just cruel. Mo:Lé features not only all-day breakfast, but also all-day lunch, and drinks. And because this is Victoria, they also specialize in some pretty fantastic gourmet Caesars! You should follow them on Instagram. (Warning: side effects include constant cravings for breakfast foods.)

Shine Cafe
1320 Blanshard Street
here’s the menu!

Shine Cafe is a family owned and operated breakfast spot known for their outstanding Eggs Benedict made with as many local ingredients as possible! If Bennies don’t float your boat, we highly suggest the Breakfast Burrito! They also make an incredibly tasty Kombucha Mimosa, which they can do because they have Cultured Kombucha on tap (!!).